My range of motion, coordination, even lower back health are all as good as, or better than, they have been for several years.

I have played badminton since the age 9, and competitively for 50 years. Over the years, I have won a couple of US National singles titles, several regional single and doubles titles, have coached little kids, big kids, and college level badminton teams.

In early 2010, it became difficult to play. Osteoarthritis in my left hip made playtime extremely painful; my movements around the court became much slower and a noticeable limp and affect were evident. In June of 2010, I stopped playing altogether, as it had become difficult to even walk.

My first appointment with Dr. Gross’s office was August 10 and we scheduled surgery for Nov. 1. Within two weeks, post-operatively, I was walking 1.5 miles without crutches, a cane or even PAIN. After following all the rules and exercises for 6 months, I slowly started to play badminton again. I played in a doubles tournament at 9 months; won both masters doubles events event s with my partner. At 11 months, I played in both singles and doubles master events, and won all events I entered.  

It is impossible to imagine the difference a year makes after having hip resurfacing ala Dr. Gross. My “refreshed” hip is pain free; my range of motion, coordination, even lower back health are all, as good as, or better than they have been for several years. Badminton is a sport requiring quickness, agility, impact, and leg/core strength at advanced levels of play. My resurfaced hip is definitely up to the task.    

- Bill M.
Left Uncemented HSR

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