Bilateral and competitive moto-biking

"Call me crazy but I am in the best shape of my life and even more active than I was at my peak before the hip osteoarthritis pain took hold. I cannot stop bragging about what Dr. Gross and team have done for me and all of (his) patients. 

Since my bilateral surgeries in Dec 2012:

  • 6 Months started easy mountain biking on flat trails. This was rehab for return to motorcycle dirt biking, my real passion.
  • 13 Months returned to motorcycle recreational dirt biking.
  • 13 Months entered first Arizona MBAA MTB race as a first timer. 
  • 36 Months won 50B Class on the Dirt Bike.
  • 48 Months won my first MTB race. Placed 3rd in the Cat 3 MBAA Series. Moving to Cat 2 for 2018.
  • 48 Months won 50A Class on the Dirt Bike.

I will be contending both the MTB and Dirt Bike series for 2018, same as 2016 and 2017. My total mileage on the MTB is now at 6857.3 miles in 486 rides. Dr. Gross was right when he said the resurfaced hip was as strong as the one I was born with!"

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