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"I ran my last big race, a half marathon, in November, 2017. I specifically  chose to run this Disney race, with a group of my closest training partners, because I thought it would be my last one,  since I was having so much pain while training, I transitioned from trail running, to running on paved surfaces, to, as the race approached, walking at what I considered to be a “brisk” pace.  On race day I was able to finish the course, knowing I was going to pay for it later.  I had an x-ray film showing the lack of cartilage in my right hip, so I knew very well about my bone on bone hip joint, before the event.  That night, my training partners pushed me around in a wheelchair. It was bittersweet, watching fireworks, getting allowed to advance onto a ride through the handicapped line,  but not really relishing the joy of finishing and receiving my medal.

April 23 of 2018, I got a do-over! Resurfacing surgery, recovery done under Dr. Gross’s rapid recovery plan, and bit by bit moving from crutches, to a cane, to hiking with trekking poles, to walking slowly, then beginning to run on a track! And in November, 2018, just a little over a year after I thought I’d never run again, oh, sweet victory, I’m back out there, enjoying my favorite sport! I placed about halfway down my age group in a Thanksgiving Day 5k race. I’m going to take it slow, and enjoy the gift I’ve been blessed with, always grateful to Dr. Gross and his wonderful team. Thank you for giving my life back and if I place in my age group again, that’ll be great. But if not, thanks for helping me continue to be active and healthy. "

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