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We offer patients a unique combination of personal attention in a private practice setting combined with the most advanced surgical techniques. See what our patients have to say about their experiences or click on the stories below to see how some of our patients are doing after their surgery.

Words can't express how grateful I am to all of you.

I wanted to briefly share with you my progress so far.  I am at the 7 month post op date and have (for some time now) happily returned to playing basketball on a regular basis.

No pain, but much gain!

How are you, Lee and Dr. Gross? I pray you are all well.

I am doing just great. Started riding my horse about 2 months ago, and just like Dr. Gross promised, I can do things on my horse that I could never do before. I am a dressage rider, so being flexible in my hips and seat are critical to cuing my horse to do her maneuvers. Now I can do these things thanks to you’all!!

I am also walking 2-4 miles daily. Working on yoga stretches, etc. No pain, but much gain!! Here I am on my bike during a vacation to Florida in February.

You actually brought a new meaning of running to me.

Dr. Gross and Lee,

I want to thank you and your staff on the wonderful results I have had since the Hemi-replacement on my left knee and the total replacement on my right. Having been a runner, a two-time Boston Marathon qualifier, and Ultra-Marathoner I was very concerned that my running days were over. You actually brought a new meaning of running to me. No longer being able to run fast, I turned to pushing kids with disabilities.

Dr. Gross is simply a brilliant surgeon who is consistently expanding his skills.

Hello to everyone. My name is Vincent and I have just completed my 1st year follow up examination after receiving my Biomet Femoral Cement-less Resurfacing procedure performed by Dr. Gross.

My check up was excellent and is just further evidence of how great I feel. With great appreciation I want to share my experience with Dr. Gross and staff and to everyone considering hip replacement/resurfacing surgery.

I'm back to playing hockey twice a week again.

Dr. Gross performed surgery on me on January 30th, 2008. 345 days later I finished the Disney half marathon in under two hours. In fact, my time was within five seconds of the time I ran just three short years ago.

The hip feels great and I'm negotiating with my wife Sally about the upcoming Pittsburgh Marathon. She wants me to be cautious and I want to be 21 years old again.

I'm back to playing hockey twice a week again. I'm still building back my strength and speed, but I play without pain or even a thought of my hip. Really the only time I think about it is when I pass through airport security.

I am grateful everyday for the life I have gotten back and I enjoy every minute of it.

I can't believe it's been almost 3 years since I had my right hip resurfaced and 2.5 years since my left hip was resurfaced. It turned out better than I ever imagined.

When you're frozen and in pain, it's hard to imagine that you will ever feel normal again, let alone be active and enjoy the things you once did before osteoarthritis set in. When being able to do the things you love is taken away...and then given back, it's a feeling like I've never experienced.

Wishing Dr. Gross, Lee and staff a Healthy and Happy 2009.

Wishing Dr. Gross, Lee and staff a Healthy and Happy 2009. You guys are always in my thoughts as I journey forth without pain. Thought I'd share with you what your great work has done once again. This was taken of me Christmas morning at our mountain.

We have gotten hammered with snowstorm after snowstorm, and someone has to ski this stuff. LOL. Also found out Dr. Gross has done a number of skiers in Crested Butte, where I used to live. We should have a reunion there!

Again, may I wish a year of happiness for you all...

- S. P.

Thank you all so much for giving me the ability again to do those things I love to do again.

I did a tremendous amount of research when I found out my hip had problems, spoke to a lot of people and there is no doubt in my mind I chose the right doctor. Thank you all so much for giving me the ability again to do those things I love to do again.

I remember Dr. Gross telling me I was only the fourth person he had installed a cementless device in and I don’t regret that decision at all either. Not only is everyone very skilled at their job, but all of you are terrific and good people.

I never would have done that hike without my resurfaced hip.

I attached a photo from a short 4-mile hike in Rocky Mountain National Park last weekend (Nov. 2008) in Colorado. I would never have done that hike nor the other one in Lake Louise, Alberta in early October without my resurfaced hip. The October hike started way down below at that big building.

Please feel free to show these photos to your prospective patients who are still pondering whether resurfacing is worth the trouble.


- K. L.
Left Hip Resurfacing

I know I received a great gift from a caring, gifted and innovative team.

Hi everyone – I wanted to give you all an update as to some of my activities since surgery on April 30, 2007.

As you know, I went skiing (downhill) in February 2008 and felt like my old self. I had skied in pain in 2005 and 2006, not at all in 2007. Now I was skiing like I did 10 years ago!

This summer I have been riding my jet ski, swimming, lifting weights and do pretty much anything I want.  

After Dr. Gross cleared me to play baseball (hardball) at my one year check-up (April 2008), I started to do some running on grass.  I also started throwing and hitting with great results.  I just now (September 24, 2008) finished playing in our summer baseball league (July – September).  We tied for the league championship.

I run the bases, play the outfield and run down fly balls and line drives. I hit both right-handed and left-handed. I am a former Division I baseball player and had played after college until I was unable to play because of my hip arthritis.  I really missed playing. Now, I can play again and I FEEL GREAT!

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